Water Boi

Material: Water Boi is a tightly knit, dense pile, cotton-looped cover. It’s especially designed for water pick up rollers on web offset newspaper press and sheet fed presses. Stocked in 25 yards (22.86m)/roll with roller diameters from 0.75 – 6.25″ (19 – 158.75mm). However, it’s also available in custom yard lengths.
  • Lint free, pattern free
  • Tough and durable
  • Specially bleached and highly absorbent
  • Control proper water absorption and prevent flooding
  • Reduces your installation time, less downtime
  • Easy to install on the roller and “Ready to Go!”
  • Economical price.



1. All covers should be used with loops out.

2. At one end, turn in approximately 4-5 inches of the cover.

Mounting Sock Roll Material 01

3. Mount the end folded inward of the cover onto the roller then pull it down to cover the roller completely.

Mounting Sock Roll Material 02

4. When the cover is mounted with loops out, fasten both ends of the cover

securely by nylon cable ties or hand sewn.

5. Your Chapel Hill dampener cover is now ready to use.




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