New Plush

Material: New Plush is made of 100% synthetic fiber composition, sheared velvet like surface for pattern free printing. It’s designed to withstand the high speeds of large web presses. Available in 25 yards (22.86m)/roll, with outside diameters from 1.125 – 6″ (28.57 – 152.4mm).
  • Shrink to fit, lint free, pattern free
  • Ink resistant
  • Superior water absorption
  • No creeping, twisting, or “walking” off the roller, even at high speed
  • Easy to clean up, wash it clean with hot tap water, no solvents, manual scrubbing or specialized cleaning machinery required.


  • Fast and simple maintenance.
  • Less downtime. Easy to install on the roller and “Ready to go!”
  • Save money. Go from black ink yellow ink or any other light color without having to change covers.



  1. Cut the cover about 12” longer than the roller. Allow extra material when using cable ties to secure to roller core/shaft.
  2. Simply slide the cover over the roller and leave 3” on each end to allow for the material to shrink and lock on.
  3. Thoroughly saturate the entire roller cover with hot water, approximately 120OF (50OC) in 2-3 minutes. It will activate shrinkage. Use your hands to squeeze off the excess water.
  4. Use the nylon cable ties to fasten both ends securely onto the roller and trim the excess material.
  5. Your Chapel Hill dampening cover is now ready to use.



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