Ink Boi – Gravure cover

Material: Ink Boi is a gravure dampening cover, made of premium synthetic fibers, designed to withstand the high speeds of large web presses. Available in 25 yards (22.86m)/roll, with outside diameters from 1.125 – 6″ (28.56 – 152.4mm).
  • Shrink to fit, lint free, pattern free
  • Ink repellent, easy to clean up
  • Superior water absorption under stress and won’t mat or pack down.


  • Lasts longer than cotton (4 to 10 times longer)
  • Reduce your installation time, less downtime
  • Easily install on the roller and “Ready to go!”



  • All the covers should be LOOPS OUT!
  • Cut the cover about 15-20%  longer than the roller. Allow extra material when using cable ties to secure to roller core/shaft.
  • At one end, turn in approximately 4-5 inches of the cover.

Mounting Sock Roll Material 01

  • Mount the end folded inward of the cover onto the roller then pull it down to cover the roller completely.

Mounting Sock Roll Material 02

  • When the cover is mounted with loops out, fasten both ends of the cover securely by nylon cable ties or hand sewn.
  • Thoroughly saturate the entire roller with water 120oF (50oC) in 2-3 minutes to activate shrinkage. Use your hands to squeeze off the excess water.
  • Your Chapel Hill dampening cover is now ready to use.



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