Material: Made of elasticized cotton, G-Lastic is an excellent alternative to linen covers. It is designed for the intermediate ductor roller on all K-Series (KOR, KORA, KORS and KORD) Heidelberg presses. Available in 25 yards (22.86m)/ roll, with outside diameters from 1 7/8 – 6″ (47.63 – 152.4mm).


  • Lint free, pattern free
  • Highly absorbent
  • Delivers a consistently even, controlled flow of water


  • Long lasting
  • Easy to install on the roller and “Ready to Go!”



  1. G-Lastic will stretch to fit the diameter of the roller. Allow at least 15% overage in length to allow for stretch.
  2. Stretch one end of the cover over a slip-on-tube and pull it down the tube.
  3. Place the slip on tube over the roller, firmly grasp on end of the cover onto the roller and remove the slip on tube.
  4. With the cover now centered, the ends should be trimmed and secured before use.



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