Material: G-Knit is a light weight cotton cover.  It’s especially designed for water pick up rollers on web offset press. It can also be used as an over cover for quick color changes. Stocked in 25 yards (22.86m)/roll with roller diameters from 0.75 – 6.25″ (19 – 158.75mm).
  • Light weight and durable
  • Less absorbent


  • Easy to install on the roller and “Ready to Go!”
  • Economical price.




  1. Cut cover about 12 inches longer than the roller. Allow extra material when using cable ties to secure to roller core/shaft.
  2. Simply slide the cover over the roller.
  3. The ends of the cover can now be sewn or wrapped tightly with string or secured with nylon cable ties. If sewing, make close stitches approximately 1/4″ (6.35mm) apart.
  4. Mount the roller(s) on the press. Adjust the cover-to-plate pressure according to the press manufacturer’s specifications.



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